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***UPDATE: AS of Feb 15th, 2015, this year’s Open Call is now closed! All artists and writers who received invites will be given the full two weeks to send in their pitches, but we are no longer accepting queries.***

Sending out a big THANK YOU to all the wonderful folks who wrote in for this year’s Open Call for our new anthology. If the level of talent in this pool is any indication, 27, A Comic Anthology inspired by Rock-n-Roll’s infamous “27 Club” is going to rock harder than any book we’ve done before!

Our editorial team is now pushing through a final batch of pitches, and all pitches will receive a reply. Once the set list is finalized, we will be contacting the artist lineup to assign stories (on or around March 1.) Look for the final list of contributors on MARCH 15th!

One more THANK YOU! Open Call will go out again on Jan 1 next year. Keep your eyes here in the coming months for more news and notes as we put together 27, A Comic Anthology.

27 banner square

Stars burn hot, bright and then go out forever, but their light shines on for ages after. Members of the “27 Club” reached musical stardom early in life and died too young– specifically, the tender age of 27. 27, a Comic Anthology is a collection of comics, posters, and vignettes in tribute to and inspired by a music artist who died at 27. The artists, their music, or even the Club itself are inspiration for the pieces. This comic anthology is slated for release October 2015

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