The front man (or woman) stands in the spotlight, but it’s the bass line that holds a band together.  That’s why we’re paying tribute to Kristen Pfaff, who joined the 27 Club on June 16, 1994.

Trained in piano and cello, Kristen taught herself how to rock hard on the bass while living in Minneapolis after college.  There, she helped found cult band Janitor Joe before joining Hole.  Though she played on several songs from the band’s Live Through This album, she only appeared in one video–1994’s “Miss World.”  Watch it again and rock out with Kristen one more time!

Kristen is one of the many artists that inspired stories in our upcoming collection 27, A Comic Anthology. With the strongest line-up of creators ever, and a theme for the ages, we are hoping to produce a “Rock Hard” hardcover edition of the anthology.  Please visit our Kickstarter and lend your support!

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