1969 to 1971 was a rough few years for Rock & Roll.  In that short span, we lost Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison.  Though they left behind a timeless musical legacy, their deaths also gave rise to another legend that still endures.  The coincidence of so many rockers dying at 27 was too much to ignore, and the first whispers of the 27 Club began to circulate.

July 3 marks the anniversary of Jim Morrison’s death (a date he shares with Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones).  In tribute, here is Morrison’s most infamous television appearance.  On September 17, 1967, The Doors took the hallowed stage of the Ed Sullivan Show to perform “Light My Fire.”  Squeamish executives asked that the line “higher” be changed to “better” (such an innocent time).  The band agreed…but sang a different tune when the cameras were rolling.  Some say Morrison was simply nervous and forgot to change the line.  But we like to think The Lizard King was asserting his rule.  Rock on and rock hard, your Majesty!

Morrison is one of the many artists that inspired stories in our upcoming collection 27, A Comic Anthology. With the strongest line-up of creators ever, and a theme for the ages, we are hoping to produce a “Rock Hard” hardcover edition of the anthology.  Please visit our Kickstarter and lend your support!

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