Conspiracy theories have always been an integral part of the 27 Club’s mythology.  Was Robert Johnson poisoned by a jealous rival?  Did Brian Jones drown in his own swimming pool, or was he murdered? Just the idea of the Club itself is a search for hidden connections among a group of talented musicians who burned out too young.  All of those “what if” scenarios help keep the mystery of the Club alive.

Soaked in Bleach, a new docudrama directed by Benjamin Statler, is a controversial addition to the host of 27 Club conspiracies.  Using interviews and reenactments, Soaked explores the death of Kurt Cobain from the perspective of Ted Grant, a private detective hired by Courtney Love to find her husband shortly before his death.  As you might expect, Grant thinks there is more to the Nirvana front man’s death than simple suicide.  Check out the trailer below.

Cobain is one of the many artists that inspired stories in our upcoming collection 27, A Comic Anthology. With the strongest line-up of creators ever, and a theme for the ages, we are hoping to produce a “Rock Hard” hardcover edition of the anthology.  Please visit our Kickstarter and lend your support!

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