Oh, man, this Kickstarter stuff for 27, A Comic Anthology: ROCK HARD Edition is going to make me nuts–we are so close! But word is spreading and I’m loving the response from people as we get closer! We just got another bit of Kickstarter love from Comicosity.com, featured in this week’s KICKSTARTER WATCH!

Check us out–as well as all the other really flipping cool projects on this page. In fact, they open by saying Kickstarter is a wild and crazy place, and I really have to agree. I mean, who’d have thought we’d ever get to share article space with Tom Tomorrow?!?


Direct link: http://www.comicosity.com/kickstarter-watch-july-20-2015/

Follow Comicosity (@Comicosity) on Twitter and visit them at Comicosity.com. And please, please don’t forget to check out our Kickstarter which runs NOW through August 4!!!!


27, A Comic Anthology is a collection of original comics and art inspired by music’s infamous “27 Club.” An iconic group of music artists achieved musical stardom early and then died at the age of 27, including greats like Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, among many others. The anthology features stories and art from over 54 creators, and the #ROCKHARD Edition (a signed and numbered premium hardcover, limited to 1000 copies) is a Staff Pick on Kickstarter now!

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