On July 23, 2011 Amy Winehouse became the latest member of the 27 Club.  Her very public battles with substance abuse often overshadowed her distinctive, sultry voice and mesmerizing performances.  Amy’s tale–peppered with notes of tragedy and unfulfilled potential–embodies the mystique of the Club as few other artists can.

Amy, a new documentary from Asif Kapadia, chronicles the highs and lows of Winehouse’s journey.  The film boasts rare archival footage of Amy herself, and attempts to shine a line on her dark struggles, while still celebrating the music that cemented her place in rock history.  Check out the trailer below for Amy, which opened on July 3.

Amy Winehouse is one of the many artists that inspired stories in our upcoming collection 27, A Comic Anthology.  With the strongest line-up of creators ever, and a theme for the ages, we are hoping to produce a “Rock Hard” hardcover edition of the anthology.  Please visit our Kickstarter and lend your support!

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