$8114, guys. Our Kickstarter campaign for 27, A Comic Anthology: ROCK HARD Edition is 135.3523% FUNDED as of 11AM this morning, and the feeling is fine! We even crushed our last stretch goal! This new anthology will not only be a platinum foil-stamped wonder of amazing comic art, but the book will rock a glitzy slipcover BOX when we debut it in October!

It’s been an incredible and crazy two months of blitz promo, sharing all the new work from our massively-talented team of creators laboring for this anthology. Thank you, Backers. Thank you, Contributors. Thank you, long-suffering family and friends. The work continues, but YOU made it possible. We have a #ROCKHARD team of supporters, we’ve made some new friends, reconnected with old ones, and developments for this book–and this company–are still unfolding.

From the outside looking in, money is the measure for our success. But from the inside looking out, these new strides and opportunities are more valuable than anything we could have planned, and worth much more than money can ever buy.

Rock-n-roll, man. It’s pretty cool. Who knew?


Enrica J.

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