What’s the meaning of life? Dunno. But that’s just about the only thing I didn’t get to talk about with thrice-Emmy-nominated Mark Mullaney on his new show, the Making Art Work Podcast. We sound our barbaric MAWP over the rooftops of the world! (That’s a Whitman pun, for my fellow literary nerds out there. *rimshot!*)

The Making Art Podcast is a series of discussions with working artists, so rather than promote any one book from Red Stylo, Mark asked me onto the show to talk about the life and business of making comics. The whole show is a journey of sight and sound through the history of how Red Stylo, Red Stylo Press, and WeWinCon.org came to be, as well as aaaalll the various titles and projects our little slice of indie heaven has going (of which Mark himself has been an integral part!)

Listen as we MAWP for over an hour about all things writing, editing, publishing, art, dogs, cats, living together and mass hysteria. Also, Mark encourages me to tell some of the more gruesome bits about working with artists and I may or may not have given in… Terrible screen names and bad impressions abound, so have a listen:


Direct link: https://soundcloud.com/mawpcast/mawp_ep1-erica-jang

Honored and excited to do the 2nd episode in what I know will be a great and instructional new podcast for artists of all shapes and sizes–thank you, Mark! Follow the Making Art Work Podcast (@MAWP_cast) on Twitter and even Mark himself @Marz85. And of course, don’t forget to check out each and very single comic, book, project, and t-shirt in the Red Stylo arsenal!

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