What’cha Reading.com‘s lead reviewer, Chuck Suffel, has been a longtime fan of CITY OF WALLS, an original comics series by creators Shaun Noel and A.K. Lovelace. The love continues for the next volume in the story of Daniel, Jin, and Ariana, three children trying to rise above the harsh life within Kowloon, a great walled metropolis controlled by uncaring nobles and the harsh law of the triads.

As Chuck notes, a lot has changed for the creators in the five years they’ve been working on the title, including a shift to digital first comic on Webtoons.com. The heart of the series, though, has stayed true. For Volume 2, Chuck writes:

“This is a great series. It’s got a diverse cast of characters, the art is gorgeous, and (most importantly) the story is outstanding…Rising above what life hands us, that’s what makes heroes. These kids are heroes.”

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Direct link: http://whatchareading.com/city-walls-brings-hardcore-drama-volume-2/#.VvLpe-IrLcs

Once more, a giant THANK YOU to Chuck and What’cha Reading for returning to the walled city and continuing this incredible story with us. Be sure to check out the rest of their site, and also follow @WhatchaReading1 on Twitter! See the beauty for yourself: print books of CITY OF WALLS Volume 2 are available in our online store and a new episode goes live every week on Webtoon!

V2 Cover

CITY OF WALLS is a comic series by Shaun Noel and A.K. Lovelace. In Kowloon City, the word of the Triads is law. Life is not easy for anyone there, especially Daniel, Jin and Ariana. But though these three best friends are from different backgrounds, soon they must come together in a common purpose: escape! Pick up this new series in Red Stylo’s online store!

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