Although we’re thrilled the fourth and final installment of HOUSE OF MONTRESOR, our sequel to Edgar Allan Poe’s Cask of Amontillado is ranking 4 stars on comiXology, we just had to know what our initial skeptic, Brian at Geek-o-Rama, thought of the finale. And now, we’re proud to say, the final verdict is in! Sez Brian: “I’m completely on board with this as a title you shouldn’t miss.”

We’ve been keen to follow Brian as he warmed to our chilling tale over the last three issues, hopeful that the finale met with approval. Issue 4 hit shops May 4th, but Brian posted his review just yesterday:

“The tense feeling you’d get just reading a story like this inspired by Poe was even scarier with artwork to make an even bigger impact. Although the scripting for this book did more than its share of making us feel the terror, the good art that was paired with it doubled that fear.”

A fine finish indeed! Read the full review (though here there be spoilers, so watch it):

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Thank you, Brian! It means so much to know we’ve finished strong in your book! Visit to read this and more reviews there and be sure to follow @Geekoramadotnet on Twitter!

House of Montresor is in local comic shops now. Your shop didn’t order it??? Tell them it’s in Previews! Order the trade paperback collecting Cask of Amontillado, AND The House of Montresor #1-4 today!

The House of Montresor is a sequel to Edgar Allan Poe’s original gothic short story, The Cask of Amontillado, written by Enrica Jang with art by the amazing Jason Strutz. This comic fills in the story of Poe’s most cold-blooded killer, Montresor, and what he’s been up to fifty years after getting away with the perfect murder. Only one member of his victim’s bloodline is still alive, and Montresor is not finished tormenting the Fortunato family. Out in stores now, and published by Action Lab!
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