Guys, you had us at “Buy the trade.” Shhh! The Central Oregon Comics Outreach Alliance (or COCOA) had some pretty great (though spoilery) things to say about our Poe-inspired series, THE HOUSE OF MONTRESOR. And even though they waited til issue 4 to read it, and thus warn folks not to make the mistake they did, we’re satisfied (and thankful!) to know they think it’s very worth picking up the trade next month.

Here there be spoilers. But if you can’t watch because of that, then you should STILL DEFINITELY BUY THE TRADE! Order it from your local shop–tell them it’s in Previews!

Big thanks to COCOA for the in-depth read. Follow these folks @sipofCOCOA on Twitter!

The House of Montresor is a sequel to Edgar Allan Poe’s original gothic short story, The Cask of Amontillado, written by Enrica Jang with art by the amazing Jason Strutz. This comic fills in the story of Poe’s most cold-blooded killer, Montresor, and what he’s been up to fifty years after getting away with the perfect murder. Only one member of his victim’s bloodline is still alive, and Montresor is not finished tormenting the Fortunato family. Published by Action Lab!
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