All aboard! Wednesday, June 8th, we’re launching a Kickstarter to fund CROSSING #1, the first issue in a new paranormal mystery series from writer, Enrica Jang, with art by Alex Cormack! The first issue will be 24-story pages, full color, with a project goal of $2100 for 30 days.

About Crossing:

A rookie train conductor is haunted by the ghost of an annoying goth princess who threw herself in front of his commuter train. She swears her death was a murder made to look like a suicide and she won’t “cross over” and leave him alone until he helps solve her case.

CROSSING Issue 1 pg3color copy

CROSSING Issue 1 pg4color copy

CROSSING Issue 1 pg5color copy

CROSSING Issue 1 pg6color copy

CROSSING Issue 1 pg7color copy

CROSSING Issue 1 pg8color copy

Rewards await! Backers can choose from digital downloads, original artwork, copies of the comic, and even some limited events and merch! Preview the campaign and then don’t forget to back us, June 8th, 2PM Eastern! Keep your dial tuned to @red_stylo on Twitter, our Facebook page and, of course, right here!


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