So consider this our very, very first review for CROSSING #1: long-time reviewer and friend, Chuck Suffel, at, wrote a fantastic piece to signal boost the campaign for our first issue in a new paranormal mystery series from writer, Enrica Jang (moi!), with art by Alex Cormack!

Chuck previewed six pages from Issue #1 and had a post waiting the moment we launched! The campaign for CROSSING #1 launched Wednesday on Kickstarter. The first issue will be 24-story pages, full color, with a project goal of $2100 for 30 days–we were funded in just 31 hours and are now reaching for those stretch goals! Chuck wrote:

Crossing opens with an arguement, an uncomfortable one at that, between a man and woman. You know there’s weight to it, they’re both very vested in their stances and you buy the situation immediately. Then it turns on it’s head. And at that very moment I was hooked.

Read his entire review here:
Direct link is here:

Thank you, Chuck, for the signal booost! Visit the site at, or follow Chuck @whatchareading1 on Twitter! And if you’re interested in CROSSING… rewards await! Backers can choose from digital downloads, original artwork, copies of the comic, and even some limited events and merch! Check out the campaign and back us as we go for more stretch goals! And always, of course, keep your dial tuned to @red_stylo on Twitter or like our Facebook page!


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