There’s no mistaking that bow tie. We got a very nice signal boost from the Webster Man himself!

Webster Style Magazine featured CROSSING in their “The Bookshelf” blog last week, and as of this writing we’re 70% to the next stretch goal! Coincedence? I think not.

Regarding CROSSING, a paranormal mystery series about a ghost who haunts the train engineer who ran her over (written by me, with art by Alex Cormack), he writes:

“When the right creative team gets ‘crossed’ together, that’s when the magic happens. Such is the case with Crossing, a new title from one of our favorite companies Red Stylo Media.”

You’re one of our favorites too, mister! Read more here:

webster style
Direct link is here:

Thank you! Visit the site at for all things new and stylish, or follow Webster Style Mag @WebsterStyle on Twitter! And if you’re interested in CROSSING… only 10 days left!!! Backers can choose from digital downloads, original artwork, copies of the comic, and even some limited events and merch! Check out the campaign and back us as we go for more stretch goals! And always, of course, keep your dial tuned to @red_stylo on Twitter or like our Facebook page!


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