CITY OF WALLS, an original comics series by creators, Shaun Noel and A.K. Lovelace, has been rolling out on WEBTOON, and A.K. sat down with Adrian from the Adrian Has Issues podcast to talk about the series and other things geekery!

Adrian writes:

“New York-based artist artist A.K. Lovelace, the founder of the design studio Stand Alone Productions [is] also the co-creator of the webcomic, City of Walls, which tells the story of three youths banding together to escape a walled city run by gangs. A.K. tells the story of his beginnings as an intern for Marvel Comics and eventually meeting City of Walls writer/co-creator Shaun Noel. We discuss the breakneck pace of technological advancements in the comic book medium and a mutual love of action movies from the 1980’s.”

Listen to Episode 57 here:

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Big THANK YOU to Adrian for this great episode! Be sure to check out other episodes of the podcast, and also follow @AdrianHasIssues on Twitter! You can also see the beauty for yourself: print books of CITY OF WALLS are available in our online store and a new episode goes live every week on Webtoon!

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CITY OF WALLS is a comic series by Shaun Noel and A.K. Lovelace. In Kowloon City, the word of the Triads is law. Life is not easy for anyone there, especially Daniel, Jin and Ariana. But though these three best friends are from different backgrounds, soon they must come together in a common purpose: escape! Pick up this new series in Red Stylo’s online store!

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