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Shakespeare Shaken is one of our most popular comic anthologies. Well, Shakespeare is shaking once again in a new one-shot comic: OPHELIA’S REVENGE, inspired by the devious original art by Laura Guzzo, the story is by RSM all-star, James McGee, with art by Alex Clark and Jan Velazquez.

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On Monday, August 29, James launched a Kickstarter to fund OPHELIA’S REVENGE, a scary good one-shot comic that will be 20-story pages, full color, with a project goal of $2800 for 30 days.

Overgrown with gore, violence, and dark humor, OPHELIA’S REVENGE is an homage to the cheeky, bloody horror popularized in classic anthologies like Eerie, Tales From The Crypt, and Vault of Horror. And of course, The Bard, William Shakespeare, who gave up the ghost 400 years ago this year!


A scorned lover (with a flair for the dramatic) unleashes Shakespeare’s Ophelia, a vengeful spirit which goes on to wreak bloody havoc on a modern-day Renaissance festival. A ghoulish celebration of #Shakespeare400! Help us bring Ophelia (back) to life!

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Rewards await! Backers can choose from digital downloads, original artwork, copies of the comic, and even some limited events and merch! Get thee to Kickstarter and help James, Alex, Laura, and Jan make this comic a reality: the campaign ends September 29! For daily updates, follow @red_stylo on Twitter, our Facebook page and, of course, right here!
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