Did you miss the LIVE Making Art Work Podcast featuring the OPHELIA’S REVENGE team?  Catch up on all the shenanigans as three-time Emmy nominee, Mark Mullaney talks with writer James McGee, artist Alex Clark and editor Enrica Jang.

As we continue promoting Ophelia’s Revenge in the final days of our Kickstarter campaign, Enrica discusses the project’s evolution from a one-off Laura Guzzo painting to a full-fledged, Shakespeare-inspired horror comic. James delves into his journey as a writer, and then he and Alex lament Enrica’s tyrannical tendencies as an editor!  The show ends with Mark, James and Alex offering a spirited reading of the opening scene from OPHELIA’S REVENGE!

There are plenty of other shenanigans, stories, and advice for would-be creators along the way. Have a listen:

Direct link: https://soundcloud.com/mawpcast/mawp_ep10-ophelias-revenge-live

Follow the Making Art Work Podcast (@MAWP_cast) on Twitter and even Mark himself @Marz85. And of course, don’t forget to check out the new Shakespeare-inspired horror comic, OPHELIA’S REVENGE, on Kickstarter now!

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In OPHELIA’S REVENGE, a scorned lover (with a flair for the dramatic) unleashes Shakespeare’s Ophelia, a vengeful spirit which goes on to wreak bloody havoc on a modern-day Renaissance festival. A ghoulish celebration of #Shakespeare400, help us bring Ophelia (back) to life! Story by Shakespeare Shaken writer, James McGee, with art by Alex Clark and Jan Velazquez. Inspired by the gleefully horrifying original art by Laura Guzzo!

Back the Kickstarter today: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jamesleemcgee/ophelias-revenge-shakespeares-ophelia-is-back-for

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