***UPDATE: The open call for our newest anthology is now closed! Applicants who sent in queries by February 15th can expect reply by March 1. We will announce the names of contributors on March 15th! Thank you, everyone, and we’re exited to share work-in-progress with you in the months ahead!***

You’ve been driving all night.  Your eyes are heavy, and you think about pulling off this endless stretch of highway to catch a few hours sleep.  But…what’s that glow on the horizon?  You rub your eyes, but it’s still there.  Millions of lights and miles of neon bully the stars, selling every flavor of vice.  The siren song of slots spills out onto the strip, where castles, pyramids, coliseums and the Eiffel Tower stand sentinel, fountains dancing and waving to each in turn. Elvis is alive, well, and standing on every corner.  He serenades young lovers cruising through drive-thru chapels, hours away from divorces of equal convenience, once the booze and glitter have worn off.  Is that a UFO on the horizon?  Don’t wander off to investigate–you may find yourself digging a hole for a couple of “Made Men,” and they ain’t planting flowers, capisce? 

What is this place, this gaudy oasis in the heart of the desert?  A dream?  A mirage?

Nah.  This is Vegas, baby!

Last year, we hit the jackpot with the Harvey Award Nominated The 27 Club.  As a follow-up, we’re letting it ride with Strip: A Twisted Vegas Comic Anthology.  Weird and warped tales from Las Vegas is the theme, and the format remains the same as our past anthologies: we’re looking for 8-page comics, posters, and vignettes in tribute to and inspired by the original City of Sin itself.  Pieces can be inspired by the music, the mob, the lights, the luck–whatever vision Vegas conjures for you!

Red Stylo is pretty flexible, but here are some basic rules on how the anthologies work:

  • We’re looking for inspiration, not adaptation. Las Vegas has a rich history of colorful characters and outrageous antics. But we don’t want a history lesson!  We want to blow up the old to make way for the newest, shiniest, next-big-thing.  Use those million-dollar myths and lavish legends to inspire new stories, but leave any twice-told tales buried in the desert.  We must ensure that all stories are original works inspired by Vegas, and fall within fair use. Plus, straight-up adaptations are not how we do things at Red Stylo. If you haven’t already, check out our past comic anthologies to get an idea of what we are all about.
  • Any genre is welcome. Comedy, tragedy, farce, sci-fi…the more “out there” the idea is, the more we want to hear it.
  • Roll the dice! We want stories about glitz, gambling, and gangsters, but Vegas is so much more!  From aliens to atom bombs, Circus Circus to Cirque du Soleil, deserts to dessert buffets, the possibilities are endless!  This is going to be a lean, mean anthology with limited space, so wow us by pulling something magically unique out of your hat!
  • Historical figures and locations are fair game, but remember: this is not an “official” anthology. If your story treads on shaky copyright ground, we reserve the right to ask for edits or to fold altogether.  The house always wins, so we’ll make the final call.

How to pitch for the anthology:

You must be invited to pitch. To make our list, writers and artists may send a query as a comic team (writer and artist together) or as an individual open to being assigned to a creative team. Please note: do not send a pitch or attachment without being invited. Pitches sent without invitation will be deleted without reply–sorry!

  • WRITERS, please format your query as follows (no more, no less): Send a message through the form below with your name, brief bio and a link to a portfolio or sample of your work. First time comic writers and students welcome, but you should at least have some kind of creative work available online for us to peruse, even if it’s just social media. Tell us if you are a team or an individual.
  • ARTISTS, please format your query as follows (no more, no less): Send a message through the form below with your name, brief bio and a link to your online portfolio or website. Again, first timers and students welcome, but you MUST have a link to samples of your work online, no exceptions. Tell us if you do sequential work, or will only do posters/prints/vignettes. Please note that vignette artists will still be asked to complete between three and five pieces. Inkers and Colorists are welcome to apply as well!

Everyone can expect a reply within two weeks of receipt. Haven’t heard from us? Please check our guidelines and send again. Fuzzy on anything? Check out our FAQs page here.

A good run never lasts, and this open call only lasts until February 15th!

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