Long-time readers may know our new anthology editor, James McGee, as his nefarious alter-ego ‘ ‘Snidley’, but the villain has mellowed over the years, and now steps in as the new editor for the Red Stylo Presents annual anthologies. We asked James to answer a few basic questions about what he’s looking for from artists and writers interested in pitching to join the sixth book, STRIP, A Twisted Vegas Comic Anthology.

Q. You’ve been an assistant editor and writer for Red Stylo for four years. Give us an idea of everything you’ve worked on for RSM.

A. I began as a writer with “Star-Crossed” in SHAKESPEARE SHAKEN, and also contributed stories to UNFASHIONED CREATURES, A Frankenstein Anthology and THE 27 CLUB.  Last year, I launched a successful kickstarter for OPHELIA’S REVENGE, my first full-length one-shot. As an assistant editor with RSM, I have worked on every anthology since UNFASHIONED CREATURES, as well as HOUSE OF MONTRESOR and CROSSING.

Q. Red Stylo Presents has had literary and rock-n-roll themes. Why Vegas this year?

A. I love that we always try to do something different with our anthologies.  We had done literature and music, so since I was taking lead on this anthology, I wanted to go in a totally different direction.  There is so much potential in a Vegas anthology–glitz, gambling, aliens, Elivs, magic, music, showgirls, weddings–that I thought we could get a lot of variety and have a lot of fun.

Q. What are you looking for in artists and writers when you send out the invitations?

A. Red Stylo has always promoted diversity in its creators, as well as showcasing unique voices that are a little outside mainstream sensibilities.  I definitely want to continue that.  I’m also a big believer in giving new creators a place to shine, so it would be very cool to discover the “next big thing” in comics through this anthology.  And, as a writer, I’m always looking for artists that I can hijack for my own stories!

Q. What are you most excited to see in the pitches? Will you just knowit when you see it?

A. Yeah, I think there’s a definite “I’ll know it when I see it” element, but the main thing is I want to see something different.  Like I said, there are a lot of themes to play with in a Vegas anthology, but I want to see people put a totally new twist on it.  I don’t just want mobster–give me mobsters in a way that I’ve never thought of them.  Ditto magic, casinos, etc.

Q. Tell us a Vegas story. Win big, lose big?

A. Dude, I met Siegfried!  Well, kind of.  We were walking through the Siegried and Roy Tiger rescue, and he was there mingling with the guests.  My wife and I were too star struck to say anything, but he did say “Hi” to us, so we’re basically best friends now.  I even got a picture of the back of his head!

My wife, Laura, had never gambled before.  She played a $1 slot and one $46 on her very first pull, then quit while she was ahead.  I, on the other hand, lost $5 on a slot with a picture of a fluffy cat.  Considering my reputation as a cat lover, that’s pretty typical.  But, I got to see Britney Spears perform, so I think I was the big winner in the end.

OPEN CALL for the next annual Red Stylo Presents collection, STRIP, A Twisted Vegas Comic Anthology, ends February 15th! Get to know the floor boss during our very first AMA, i.e. “Ask McGee Anything”, live session Q&A this Wednesday at 8PM Eastern on Mixlr! Or send in a question ahead of time through our CONTACT US page. But be sure to know the house rules before you play– check out the FAQs right here.
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