Jose Becerra at released a great post-Kickstarter review of our newest horror one-shot, OPHELIA’S REVENGE. In it, Jose explains what drew him to back the project after an initial first pass, and *dun dun DUN* what he thinks now that the comic is in his hands.

Is he happy he took a chance and backed the book? Jose sez: “Absolutely.” 4.6 Geek-heads out of 5, kids! For a comic all about heads….and hearts…and other assorted body parts….rolling, we’re pretty stoked for this review.

Read it here:

Direct link:

Thank you, Jose! Follow the him on Twitter @JoseJBecerraJr, as well as the blog. And of course, don’t forget to check out the new Shakespeare-inspired horror comic, OPHELIA’S REVENGE in our digital store!

In OPHELIA’S REVENGE, a scorned lover (with a flair for the dramatic) unleashes Shakespeare’s Ophelia, a vengeful spirit which goes on to wreak bloody havoc on a modern-day Renaissance festival. Story by Shakespeare Shaken writer, James McGee, with art by Alex Clark and Jan Velazquez. Inspired by the gleefully horrifying original art by Laura Guzzo! Available NOW in the Red Stylo store!

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