The Kickstarter campaign for BAROQUE POP, a comic fanthology inspired by the music of Lana Del Rey, wrapped up a few weeks ago. Right before we were funded, Claire Napier at interviewed Mario Candelaria, the collection editor. A Lana fan herself, Claire asked Mario some penetrating questions about where his #LOVE for Lana comes from, and the two talk about what to expect from this new book.

Check out the interview with Mario for a look behind the scenes (plus a preview of pages from the story “Religion” by Jennie Wood and Chris Goodwin).

Read the interview here:

Direct link:

Thank you, Claire! Catch up on all things comics at Also, follow Mario on Twitter @TheOtherMarioC.

Missed the campaign? We got you! Pre-orders are now open in our digital store!
BAROQUE POP Inspired by the music of Lana Del Rey, Baroque Pop is a carefully curated selection of short form comics and illustrations celebrating love, loss, success, and change, by comic creators who found mutual solace and inspiration in this modern-day muse. Edited by Mario Candelaria.
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