As of March 1, betting closed on the pitch phase of The Strip anthology. I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who wrote in. We received over 100 individual queries and 125 different pitches. The response to this open call has been a little overwhelming, but even more humbling that so many of you have taken an interest in our Red Stylo Presents anthology series and (specifically) my inaugural turn in the editor’s chair. A lot of the usual suspects from past anthologies turned up, but we also had a slew of new faces submit their ideas. Red Stylo has always offered newcomers a platform to showcase their work—it’s one of the things that has made me most proud to work with the company, and a tradition I very much plan to continue with The Strip.

Not only did we hit the jackpot in terms of sheer number of writers and creators interested in the project, I was totally floored by the creativity on display. The original plan was to announce the lineup on March 15, but with so many strong candidates, we need a little extra time to give every pitch its due. So, mark your calendars for March 31, when we will reveal the official lineup for The Strip! The stakes are high, so check back soon to see all the players!

–James McGee

STRIP, A Twisted Vegas Anthology will be a collection of weird and warped comics and art inspired by the original city of sin, Las Vegas! STRIP is the sixth book in the Red Stylo Presents series of anthologies. Edited by James McGee.
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