Today, Monday, March 20th, we’re launching an #Allin1 Kickstarter to fund the NINJA BEAR first issue and action plush!

NINJA BEAR is the story of a little bear who is also a ninja, on a quest to save his teacher who was taken by an evil force. On the way, Ninja Bear meets weird creatures, explores amazing places, and occasionally saves the day. The original webcomic is full of mystery, adventure, and comedy, createdand written by Red Stylo Production editor (and long-time friend), Mark Mullaney. We’re excited to bring Issue #1 of his new series to life!

NINJA BEAR is a story Mark has been planning for many years and we are very excited to share the bear with all of you. The story is inspired by video games and mythology from many different cultures, and centers on strong themes of respecting nature and always trying to do what’s right. This #ALLin1 campaign will help us produce the comic and a new action plush toy!

What’s #Allin1? This month, Kickstarter is giving special attention to 7-day projects. That’s right: only 1 week to get funded! And in keeping with this theme, our NINJA BEAR campaign will only have ONE Reward tier for backers. But it’s a doozy: not only are we publishing Issue #1 of this brand new all-ages title, we’ve teamed up with Elinda Deans at Deans Family Productions to produce a special Ninja Bear action plush. Our little guy is still under construction, but we’re excited to see Elinda bring our Ninja Bear to life. Backers get both the bear and the book when they jump in!

More in store and only ONE WEEK to do it! We launch at 1PM ET, and people who are interested can take a look at the preview page right here:

You can also check out a Ninja Bear mini-story below to get a feel for this fun little character:

Keep your dial tuned to @red_stylo on Twitter, our Facebook page and, of course, right here!

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