Happy Monday! (Happy Monday? Yeesh…) Did you see the Baroque Pop contest we’re running across our social media accounts?

No? Really? Well…

Right now! At this very moment, if you click on one of the posts below and follow the directions, you will be entered into a contest to win a digital copy of our Baroque Pop (f)anthology on Comixology!

Newsarama calls the Baroque Pop (f)anthology… “a properly weird tribute” with “sultry crime stories like ‘Summer Sadness’ … …to hazy science fiction like ‘Body Electric’ Check out the full review here.

So check out the posts, share, follow, comment, you know do all that social media stuff and you could feast your eyeballs on some really fun and beautiful Lana Del Rey inspired stories and art!




Do one, two, or all three! Winners will be drawn later this week, so get to it!

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