People who follow us may have noticed the new surge in energy from our Facebook, Twitter, and new Instagram accounts, and this is all thanks to one man. We’ve had just under two months to kick the tires and take him out for a spin, but it’s past time to announce our newest editorial team member: long-time RSM friend (and even secret/not-so-secret Red Stylo Presents contributor!) Chuck Suffel has joined Red Stylo as our new Social Media Editor!

NYCC 2015

Chuck is a hardcore veteran of all things pop-culture: apart from his work with us, Chuck is a familiar face in the industry, working in the comics, lit and media review business for over ten years. Going on our seventh year, Red Stylo has been lucky to enjoy a great relationship with Chuck and his crew at, and they even co-sponsored our small press booth at New York Comic Con in 2015 and 2016. While editor and supreme overlord, James ‘Snidley’ McGee, takes the helm at Red Stylo Presents editing our next anthology and EIC, Enrica Jang, focuses on developing new RSM series, (who knows what the heck Mark Mullaney is up to), Chuck steps in to a much-needed role at RSM and has already brought new life to our social media outreach. Cheers and welcome to you, sir!

You’ll see Chuck at various shows repping for Red Stylo, but drop a line via any platform to welcome the man and see what we’re up to. Want to review any Red Stylo titles? Send inquiries through our Contact Us page and we’re on it!

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