David Pepose and the Rapid-Shots team at Newsarama fired off a great review of our new Lana Del Rey-inspired fanthology, BAROQUE POP. We scored a ‘Rama rating 8 out 10!

Raid-Shots calls out the breadth of the collection:

“The stories run the gamut from sultry crime stories like ‘Summer Sadness’ from Daniel Charles, Ashley St. Lawrence, and Scott Ewen to hazy science fiction like ‘Body Electric’ from Eric Palicki, Daniel Earls, and Scott Ewen, pulling double duty, and presenting a story about a woman exploring the world of robotic body modification in a “progressive” world.

Read the review here:

Direct link: https://www.newsarama.com/34832-best-shots-rapid-fire-reviews-darth-vader-1-batman-24-black-bolt-2-magnus-1-more.html

Thank you, David! Follow the him on Twitter @PeposeD, as well as the Newsarama.com blog. And of course, don’t forget to check out BAROQUE POP in the Red Stylo store!

BAROQUE POP Inspired by the music of Lana Del Rey, Baroque Pop is a carefully curated selection of short form comics and illustrations celebrating love, loss, success, and change, by comic creators who found mutual solace and inspiration in this modern-day muse. Get it now!
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