You can’t ask for a better review than gave our newest horror one-shot, OPHELIA’S REVENGE. This Shakespeare-inspired horror showpiece is a culmination of many years working with artists and writers on anthology stories inspired by classic source-material, and our first full-length comic story exploring the concept. Reviews like this remind us why we love it!

Paul goes into detail about why he loved our Hamlet meets Ren Faire meets Crystal Lake mash-up:

“What McGee does very well here is in his ability to convey a sense of comic timing… another thing that isn’t easy to do in a comic book. The humor helps offset the truly horrific images, crafted with apparent and demented glee by Alex Clark, and makes the whole thing more of a parable or fable. It’s the sort of scary story that you’d tell around a campfire, like the escaped mental patient with the steel hook for a hand.”

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In OPHELIA’S REVENGE, a scorned lover (with a flair for the dramatic) unleashes Shakespeare’s Ophelia, a vengeful spirit which goes on to wreak bloody havoc on a modern-day Renaissance festival. Story by Shakespeare Shaken writer, James McGee, with art by Alex Clark and Jan Velazquez. Inspired by the gleefully horrifying original art by Laura Guzzo! Available NOW in the Red Stylo store!

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