Tuesday, August 8, marks the half-way point of The Strip’s Kickstarter campaign. As of this writing, we are still only 40% funded. So, it’s time to face facts: something isn’t connecting. Our creators have worked hard on 11 twisted tales of Las Vegas lore—stories filled with killer robots, car chases, street magicians and so much more. We know these are some of the best stories Red Stylo has ever published. But how do we get you, our faithful readers, to buy in?

“We gotta re-think this thing.”

Our first step is hitting the “Reset” button with a new video which better answers the question “What the heck is The Strip, anyway?!” As entertaining (or disturbing—you pick) as it was to see our esteemed editor decked out as “The King,” his commercial for a futuristic travel agency left more people scratching their heads than opening their wallets.

Here’s the concept that didn’t quite come through in our first video:

“The Strip” as a futuristic travel mag, full of speculative stories of “The Vegas that Was or Could Be!” Intergalactic travelers flock to the ruins of the once-great VEGAS to learn about the ancient culture that lived there, and each story is a special stop on the tour that re-imagines the original city of sin. The tour guides “educated guesses” are a real hoot, and each story is a flashback or historical re-enactment. Part drunk history, part whacked out re-interpretation to please the alien rocket-set.

Click to see our new video!

High concept aside, this book is just the latest entry in the amazing series of comic anthologies that put Red Stylo on the map. That message got lost in translation along the way. So, check out the revamped video for a better look at everything The Strip has to offer. In our remaining time, we’ll also showcase the stories and creators themselves, so be on the lookout for content in the coming days that gives you a sneak peek of artwork from The Strip. Editor, James McGee, will be sharing his thoughts on what he loved about each story, and creators will give you a behind-the-scenes look at their process.

Lastly, we want to hear from you. Does the new video work? What questions do you have about The Strip? You can tune in to the LIVE MAWP!-cast on 8/9/17 for a chat with Jed McPherson and Kevin Maher, the team behind “New Shooter,” one of the great stories in the anthology. There will be more creator interviews to come as the campaign rolls on. Also drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter with any other questions or feedback, or send a message through our Contact Us page. We want to know what you think, and what will make you feel like kicking in.

Thank you to all of the fans who have backed The Strip so far. Keep spreading the word! We have some work to do, but still have two weeks left. We’re going all-in! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/RedStyloMedia/the-strip-a-twisted-vegas-comic-anthology/

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