Baltimore Comic Con Was A BLAST! Thank you all for coming, and for supporting Red Stylo at the show. You have no idea how amazing it is when people come up to the table and say “Oh I already have this, and this one… But that one I haven’t picked up yet!” Add to that the almost constant stream of artists, writers, and other comics professionals stopping by to say hi and you have the type of convention you wish would never end (okay let’s be real, my feet were very happy to see it end, but I digress.)

We love that you all get what we do and thank you again for coming out and showing us so much love.

So, what’s next. Oh sure next up is NYCC. That starts in… 9 days.

Wait what?

Nine days until New York Comic Con?!?!?

Thar’s right, next Thursday begins the four-day extravaganza that is New York Comic Con. And we will be there! Come see us in the Small Press Pavilion, Booth 946. We’re bigger and better than ever this year. Hey, here’s a handy map so you can find us easier, come say Hi! (see below.)

We will have brand new never before seen titles! We will have special guests doing signings! We will have prints, postcards, comics, trades, hardcovers, horror, comedy, action, all-ages, and more! Whew that was a mouthful. As I said up top we are bigger and better than ever, come see what we have to offer.

New York Comic Con opens its doors Thursday 10am and runs through Sunday at 5pm. Check the NYCC page for details.

More details regarding who and what will be at the show will coming this week so follow us here and on social media for more info.

Twitter: @red_stylo



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