It’s been over a year since we released Issue #1 of CROSSING. Since that time we have found a publisher, scheduled a rollout, changed the publisher, scheduled another rollout, rolled past the deadlines… all the while, we have been plugging away at the series and fielding questions about when the series will continue.

Well, folks, it’s time to put up or shut up: we have not only completed Issue 2 of CROSSING and Issue #3 is wrapping up production. Which means… IT’S PAST TIME TO SHOW YOU SOME PAGES!

As we promised way back when, our intention is to Kickstart the next issues for this series. Red Stylo’s year-end wrap-up will include an announcement for when we’ll launch the next campaign, but we can tell you now that we’ll be launching both Issue #2 AND #3 simultaneously, to make up for lost time! For now, please accept this Xmas Day Preview on behalf of Alex Cormack, Mark Mullaney and yours truly: the first six pages from CROSSING #2. 

About Crossing:

A rookie train conductor is haunted by the ghost of an annoying goth princess who threw herself in front of his commuter train. She swears her death was a murder made to look like a suicide and she won’t “cross over” and leave him alone until he helps solve her case. Paranormal couples counseling, anyone? Issue #1 is available now in our online store.

If Nina weren’t already dead, M.C. would have already killed her all over again. Thank goodness they seem to have stumbled into a group of ghosts and hosts in a similar situation and they’re only too eager to sit down in group and fight out their issues. But while the living and the dead are locked in battle, some of the people Nina left behind are still struggling to get over death. And if Nina really was murdered, ready or not, trouble is still on the tracks and heading their way.

Crossing #2

CROSSING Issue2 pg 1

CROSSING Issue2 pg 2

CROSSING Issue2 pg 3

CROSSING Issue2 pg 4

CROSSING Issue2 pg 5

CROSSING Issue2 pg 6

We’re working hard to keep this series momentum, and there will be more sneak peeks and previews in the lead up to our next release! Keep your dial tuned to @red_stylo on Twitter, our Facebook page and, of course, right here. Merry, merry, everyone!

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