Open Call for artists and writers to send in queries for the next Red Stylo Presents book: A SOUL DIVIDED / CAGED IN FLESH, A Jekyll & Hyde Anthology ends Feb 15th! All you need to be invited is your bio and a link: read all about it right here! But who are the editors and what are they looking for in this new collection?

A SOUL DIVIDED/CAGED IN FLESH is Red Stylo Presents’ first double-sided anthology, and our first team edit! Meet the editors producing our Jekyll and Hyde-inspired collection and ask us anything as we sit down with RSM alum, Mark Mullaney, for a special AMA episode of the Making Art Work Podcast to talk about what contributors & readers should expect from the new book. We’re going to be discussing everything about this new J & H- inspired collection, including why we picked this theme, and just what the heck we mean when we say you must CHOOSE A SIDE! We’ll also talk about what we’re looking for from pitches — what’s been done before, and what we’re still hungry to see. This is must-listen material for anyone interested in getting in on the action.

The live session Q&A begins Wednesday, January 31 at 8PM Eastern on Mixlr! Link:

Can’t make it? Send in a question ahead of time through our CONTACT US page at, but be sure to check out the FAQs first! (

Genevieve Trainor is a Jersey girl who’s been stranded on the prairie for the past 15 years. (Help! Send pizza!) She is the Arts Editor for Little Village magazine and an Associate Editor at OneSquared Studios. She also edits for the 48 Hour Comic Project. In the past, she edited a theatre blog for several years and was a founding editor of a now-defunct poetry magazine. Genevieve lives in Iowa City, Iowa with her husband, James, a playwright and theatre educator, and her three children, Thalia, D.C., and Calliope.
In 1982, on a scorching summer afternoon, a 5 year old Ryan Morrow parted ways with the astronomical sum of $1.75 in exchange for a Marvel Illustrated Books paperback edition of the “Origin of the Vision”—and his life was changed. As the Content Director and Writer at Ryan has been a driving force in the website’s unique use of digital story telling. Ryan co-created Cajun Banzai & Serial Saint with Dave Davies and Dirk Spear’s Adventure Squad & The Cradle with Artist Aaron Allen. In addition to OSS Ryan has contributed stories to the 48 Hour Comic Project and can be found at most major MW comic book conventions peddling his wares.
Be afraid! Enrica Jang is the founder and editor-in-chief at Red Stylo Media. She is the writer and creator of Azteca, CROSSING, Angel With a Bullet, The House of Montresor, and editor of the annual Red Stylo Presents series of anthologies.
Remember: OPEN CALL ENDS FEB 15th! Get those queries in!

A SOUL DIVIDED/ CAGED IN FLESH will be a double-sided comic anthology inspired by “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson. This is the seventh book in the Red Stylo Presents series of anthologies. Edited by Genevieve Trainor, Ryan Morrow and Enrica Jang.

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