About Red Stylo Press

Red Stylo Press is a co-op publisher and subsidiary imprint of Red Stylo Media, an independent publisher since 2008. Read more about the company here.

Red Stylo Media is excited to announce the launch of Red Stylo Press, a new packaging service and publishing co-op for independent comic creators. Often, the biggest difference between “mainstream”and “self-published” comics isn’t the ideas or even the talent of the team-–it’s the packaging. Good comics get overlooked by the general comics market every year for lack of professional editing and production values.

Well, no more. Red Stylo Press is assembling a guerilla team of independent comics creators who are ready to take control of their careers. We pair layout artists and experienced editors with creator-owned properties that until now have been laboring alone to kickstart a cold market.

Banded together into one house, we can stake new market territory. Together, we can revolutionize the indie market.

Seeking: creator-owned comics teams and books. If you have your own title and would like to join forces to expand your promotion and marketing, as well as ensure your book layout and editing are of the highest quality and design, Contact Us and join the revolution!

Read more about our Red Stylo Press titles here. Or send a message here to join the revolution right now!

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