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small coverThe hardcover edition of 27, A Comic Anthologyfreepik6sexehCover for "Typewrite Blues" by Mad Moll Green and Victor Moura, inspired by Janis JoplinCover for "Love Is a Losing Game" by Ashley Lanni, inspired by Amy Winehousecover for "Not Right" story by Blake Armstrong and Alex Clark, inspired by Dave Alexander and The Stoggespanels, "The Crossroads" by T. Perran Mitchell and Mark Mullaney, inspired by Robert Johnsoncolor page from "The Long Old Lonesome Road" story by Dino Caruso and David Ryan Lompe, inspired by Al "Blind Owl" Wilson and Canned Heatcover art for "Freedom's Just Another Word" from Mario Candelaria and Sean DillonWitching hour concept poster by artist A.I. Miller. This poster available as a reward soon!Heart -shaped box concept by Steve Addeotitle panel, "Come As You Are to the Morrison Hotel" story by Pablo Arriaga and Chuck Harrison, inspired by Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison"Up Yonder to the Stars" cover and story by Patrick Drury, inspired by Robert JohnsonJanis Joplin concept, Alex ClarkJim Morrison concept, Michael Ellis (available soon as a Kickstarter Reward!)27Cut127LongRoad227Angel127Roof127NotRight127William127SheWaits127Seminal127back127demonslayer127 for Web_Page_14227 for Web_Page_15127 for Web_Page_224

27, A Comic Anthology (Available Now!)


27, A Comic Anthology inspired by music’s infamous “27 Club” edited by Enrica Jang

Stars burn hot, bright and then go out forever, but their light shines on for ages after. Members of the “27 Club” reached musical stardom early in life and died too young– specifically, the tender age of 27. Some of the club’s more famous members include Jim Morrison (The Doors), Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), and Amy Winehouse, among many others.

A rocking crew of fifty-four comic artists and writers were challenged to take their favorite song or member of the 27 Club and use their music as inspiration for new and original comic stories and vignettes. This collection is a rocking tribute to a select few of these lost stars and their shining, tragic legacy.

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