KILLER ART: “Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle” by Laura Guzzo


In addition to original comic stories, KILLER QUEEN includes a collection of original vignettes and posters from a select group of talented artists.  This 12″ x 18″ print from Laura Guzzo is titled “Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle.”

Laura Guzzo is a freelance illustrator whose award-winning artwork has been featured in galleries across the east coast. In 2011, she was voted one of Philadelphia’s Top 5 Visual Artists. She draws inspiration from tarot cards and stained glass, as well as from 1950’s pin-up girls and the art nouveau movement.  Laura currently works out of a studio in New Jersey. Her most recent
projects include Roadkill Du Jour (Inverse Press), Shakespeare Shaken (Red Stylo Media), and PrinceLess (Action Lab Comics). To see more, visit:

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Dimensions 12 x 18 in