Mercurana, 4 of 16 from KILLER QUEEN


Someday your prince will come…a talking frog prince, in royal duds, and he will ask you to help save his brothers, all of whom are trapped in animal form and forced to labor in gilded zoo cages by an evil keeper. And if you don't save them, life as we know it will die. Like, that will totally happen.

Hey, girl. Want to save the universe?

“Mercurana” is a charming tribute to “Fat Bottomed Girls”, and the fourth story in our digital and print collection, KILLER QUEEN, A COMIC ANTHOLOGY inspired by the discography of Queen. Story and art by Sarah O'Donnell. This download also features a BONUS PAGE from “Lazy Sunday”, a KILLER QUEEN mini-series from Josh Hechinger and Cliodhna Ztoical!

Full color PDF, 13 pages

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