Monsters and the Monsters Who Make Them (Unfashioned Creatures)

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Is the Monster responsible for his crimes, or simply a victim of poor parenting? Magistrate Kirwin seeks to answer this age-old question once and for all–by bringing all the characters on a sleazy talk-show! Trash-talk! Ghosts! Vulgarity! All this, after a word from our sponsors!

Frankenstein and daytime-talk collide, courtesy of James McGee and Aex Cormack. “Monsters and the Monsters Who Make Them” is one of two comic mini-series in Unfashioned Creatures.

James McGee has loved stories all his life, and has wanted to tell them since he was in the 8th grade. His work has been featured in Shakespeare Shaken, Super Flash Fiction, This Mutant Life, and Fireside Magazine. James lives in West Virginia with his wife, Laura, and an ever-growing army of cats. Visit him at

For a brief moment in 1982, Alex Cormack was the youngest human being on Earth. Now he is an illustrator/animator living in Waltham MA. His work has been seen in such publications as The Poe Twisted Anthology, Azteca, The Chikara Web Comic, The Minimum Paige Anthology, Hellbound 2 Anthology, Image Comics’s Skull-kickers, and the upcoming Oxymoron Anthology from Comix Tribe. He is also getting married to the world famous artist, Ashley Cook, who helped color The Hamelin Murders and the short Dead Men’s Story.

Mr. Cormack encourages everyone to look up his website for more information,

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