My Mind is A Safe, 9 of 24 from THE 27 CLUB


“One day at a time.”  It’s a mantra for recovering addict, Lavi.  But when there is temptation at every turn and the ghost of past sins constantly whispering in your ear, some days never seem to end.

Inspired by Amy Winehouse, “My Mind is A Safe” looks at life on the other side of rehab.  Brought to you by Ashley Leckwold and Chris Liu.

For The 27 Club: A Comic Anthology, a rocking crew of fifty-four comic artists and writers were challenged to take their favorite song or member of the 27 Club and use their music as inspiration for new and original comic stories and vignettes. This collection is a rocking tribute to a select few of these lost stars and their shining, tragic legacy.


PDF, full color, 12 pages

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