Not Right, 18 of 24 from THE 27 CLUB


It’s tough to make it in the city. Temptation around every corner, danger lurking down dark alleys, and people who’d rather step on you than lend a hand. But sometimes, you stumble into the good life, even when you’re not trying.

Blake Armstrong and Alex M. Clark give you a rat’s-eye view of the world in “Not Right,” inspired by Dave Alexander of The Stooges.

For The 27 Club: A Comic Anthology, a rocking crew of fifty-four comic artists and writers were challenged to take their favorite song or member of the 27 Club and use their music as inspiration for new and original comic stories and vignettes. This collection is a rocking tribute to a select few of these lost stars and their shining, tragic legacy.


PDF, full color, 13 pages

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