THE STRIP, A Twisted Vegas Comic Anthology


THE STRIP is an 112-page comics anthology inspired by the original City of Sin Las Vegas!

Far in the future, in 3084… Years of intergalactic war have ravaged the starscape…
But peace has finally come. The inhabitants of distant planets and moons are finally free to roam the stars again. Only one destination location in the galaxy still stands…

Welcome to THE STRIP!

THE STRIP is a futuristic travel mag, full of speculative stories of “The Vegas that Was or Could Be!” Intergalactic travelers flock to the ruins of the once-great VEGAS to learn about the ancient culture that lived there, and each story is a special stop on the tour that re-imagines the original city of sin. The tour guides “educated guesses” are a real hoot, and each story is a flashback or historical re-enactment. Part drunk history, part whacked out re-interpretation to please the alien rocket-set.
THE STRIP, A Twisted Vegas Anthology, will be a collection of 100+ pages of weird and warped comics, inspired by the original city of sin, Las Vegas! It is the sixth entry in the Red Stylo Presents anthology series.

Featuring eleven short comic stories by:

Scott Bachman and Matthew Sparks
David Booher, Pedro Mendes, and Sara King
Dino Caruso and Jan Velasquez
Moll Green and Alex Clark
Mike Hall and Declan Fitz
Martin Hayes, Michael Ellis, and Bram Meehan
Sherezada Kent and Y.C. Yang
Jeff Leeds and Emily Swan
Kristi McDowell and Mira Mortal
Jed McPherson and Kevin Maher
John Sowder
Mark Mullaney



THE STRIP, a comic anthology inspired by the Vegas that was or could be!

Full color trade paperback and digital versions available.

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