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The Inkwell Awards 3rd Annual Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge and Results Book


The Inkwell Awards presents The 3rd Annual Joe Sinnott Inking Challenge and Results Book. Totaling 128 pages, the book includes a foreword by Ron Marz and an introduction on comic book art from J. David Spurlock, as well as inked art from some of the best professionals in the business over pencils by living legend Joe Sinnott! In addition, the book honors all of the 2014 Inkwell Award recipients, as well as the recipient of the Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship.

The book is offered for a $15 donation to the Inkwell Awards, with an additional $5 added to cover shipping and credit card fees. All orders thru Red Stylo Media are passed thru entirely to the Inkwell Awards. This is a not-for-profit book published by the Inkwell Awards, and all the proceeds go to benefit the organization.