After the events of Carthulla, Prometheus Inc., must pay for its crimes. Events are set in motion that will have unexpected consequences for both Prometheus and Cayoti. As Cayoti and his collaborators plan their next steps, The Collectors are tightening the noose. Will they be able to capture Cayoti in time?

For hundreds of years, Prometheus, Inc., has served as a shining example of how corporations can bring peace and prosperity to the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

…But it's all been a front.

They've been amassing power and resources, biding their time to take over and that time is now.

TORCHBEARER is a science fiction epic focusing on Cayoti, the leader of a resistance movement, and Selene Elis, a mole within Prometheus, and their actions to stop Prometheus Inc. before it's too late.

Written by Nicolas Dedual with Artwork by Dennis Calero (X-Men Noir, Green Lantern, Solar.) This is Issue #3 of this incredible new series poised to set the comic world ablaze!


PDF, Full Color, 24 pages

Story: Nicholas Dedual

Art: Dennis Calero

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