A silent killer is cutting up bad guys in the resort city of Quetzecan, Mexico. A trio of corner drug dealers. Five hoods in a warehouse. All of the victims are soldiers in the Cardenas Cartel and the body count is rising. Strange Aztec symbols drawn in blood at every grisly scene only hint at the killer’s agenda and no one knows how to stop him. Or if they even want to…

Date Published
November 2010

Digital and Print (on hiatus)

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Enrica Jang

Enrica is the writer/producer of AZTECA, the comic series and motion comic. She is a freelance writer in Cold Spring NY and author of three RSM projects slated for release in 2011. Her short screenplay “The Freshmen” was recently made into a short film, Frienemies (2010). Enrica founded Red Stylo Media, a publishing, promotions and consulting firm, in 2008.
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Ben Frazier

Ben Frazier lives in Knoxville, Tennessee and has been drawing since he could hold a pencil. In 2000, Ben illustrated his first comic script. Shortly after, he stopped buying comics and just made his own. After a few more years and other miscellaneous scripts passed over his desk, Ben developed his own style of art and storytelling. He is the new penciler for AZTECA and will debut a BONUS CHAPTER in the first AZTECA trade. He is also the artist for “The After Party”, written by Kyle Richey, an original comic short in The Poe Twisted Anthology (also by RSM).
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Alex Cormack

Color, ink, letterer for AZTECA (#3-#8). Alex Cormack is an illustrator/animator from Boston MA. His work has been seen all over the world in different publications, websites, and at festivals receiving awards and critical acclaim. He graduated from the Art Institute of Boston where he received a BFA in animation. For more information check out
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Jhazmine Ruiz

Jhazmine, artiste exraordinaire, penciler for AZTECA #1-#3. She is a SCAD alum and has been published by Marvel Comics (Big Hero 6, Issues 3 and 4) as well as the Fletcher Hanks Redux Anthology. She lives in Riverview FL.
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Andre Frattino

Andre Frattino is the color/letter artist for AZTECA #1 and #2. He illustrated the children’s novel, Here Comes Julie Jack (Wild Onion Press). He also wrote and illustrated The Reaper of St. George Street, a graphic novel published by Pineapple Press. Andre draws and writes the comic strip Son of a Gator in the University of Florida’s Independent Florida Alligator. Andre lives in Gainesville FL.
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Scott Ambruson

Cover artist for AZTECA 2 and 3. A regular success on the convention circuit, Scott’s fans across the country recognize and love his work. An excerpt from his bio: “My experience with being a professional comic book artist has been rough and tumble and hard knocks. My first credited project was a comic book titled “The Collectors”, published by Shadowed Path Press, inking over the pencils of Jason Baroody. I have done work for the Imperium Comic Book “Trailer Park of Terror”, inking over such artists as David Newbold and Federico Zumel. I did two stories for the comic book Crime Wave published by Three J Productions, LLC.” To see more of his incredible body of work, check out Scott’s Deviant Art Page
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Phillip Jacobson

Inker, AZTECA #2 Deluxe Release. Phillip was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He graduated in 2011 with a BFA in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art. He plans to pursue his MFA at SCAD as well. Though predominantly a comic artist, Phillip also enjoys storyboarding, character design, and playing Pokemon.
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Jason Longo

In June 2010 Red Stylo Media launched a fundraising campaign on to raise the funds to produce and print AZTECA, both the trade paperback graphic novel and the motion comic. Three months later the campaign was a rousing success thanks to the generous contributions of forty wonderful individuals. Thanks is overdue!

Liz Jang

Lori Doughty

Edward Mallary McHenry Jr

Joseph Sousa

Aleksei Garcia

Blake Armstrong

Anthony Brenneman

Kurt Parsons

Ryan Holliday

J. Longo

Izzy Laureano (Bronx, NY)

Armando Garcia

Drew Woodworth

Peter Jang


Matthew Giordano


Jordan Gonzales

Maurice Jordan

Izzy H

Bud Kulpecz

Mikkel Angaju Rasmussen

jennifer m.

Cody McDowell

Kenny (North Hollywood, CA)

Seth St. Martin

Aaron Ellis


David Watkins


liz tidy

Melissa DeGross Ruzicki

Jack Jang

Matt Walters

Eric Alden

Sarah Bissonnette

Jason Korbus

Sarah Werkheiser

Steven Pennella

Archie Chen

Nic Jenzen-Jones

Gary Ashfield

John Tan

Maria Brennan

Thomas J. Brennan

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