Launch Date
Fall 2018

Coming Soon!

Edited by Jennie Wood

COSMIC LOVE will feature seven short comics and eight portraits by:
o Rachel Perciphone
o Jamie Fay
o Enrica Jang
o Vita Ayala & Kat Taylor
o Seth Greenwood & Angela Zhang
o Jennie Wood & Josh Siegel
o Zack Rocklin-Waltch & Tessa Beatrice
o Mario Candelaria & Katarzyna Witerscheim


Cosmic Love, A Florence + the Machine Fanthology

COSMIC LOVE is a curated selection of original short form comics and illustrations inspired by over a decade of music by the phenom performer Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine.

San Diego Comic Con is only days away!!!

Just days to go before San Diego Comic Con! The big show! And we will be there! Find your favorite Red Stylo Books in the Small Press Pavilion K-05 (see map below) More info on the show location and guests go here: Need to know more? Of course you...

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8 out 10 for BAROQUE POP on Newsarama!

David Pepose and the Rapid-Shots team at Newsarama fired off a great review of our new Lana Del Rey-inspired fanthology, BAROQUE POP. We scored a 'Rama rating 8 out 10! Raid-Shots calls out the breadth of the collection: "The stories run the gamut from sultry crime...

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Baroque Pop Giveaway!

Happy Monday! (Happy Monday? Yeesh...) Did you see the Baroque Pop contest we're running across our social media accounts? No? Really? Well... Right now! At this very moment, if you click on one of the posts below and follow the directions, you will be entered into a...

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