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July 2013



Enrica Jang


Enrica is the founder and editor-in-chief at Red Stylo Media. She is editor of The Poe Twisted Anthology, Shakespeare Shaken, and Unfashioned Creatures, a Frankenstein Anthology. Her comics writing credits include Azteca, a comic series and motion comic, The House of Montresor an original graphic novel, and Angel With a Bullet, a mini-collection of original comics inspired by the music of Tom Waits. Her screenplay The Freshmen was made into a short film, Frienemies, winner of a CINE Golden Eagle in 2011. Follow her at, or on Twitter @enricajang.

Jason Strutz


Jason Strutz is an illustrator and artist for the comic series The Order of Dagonet, written by Jeremy Whitley. He lives with his wife/editor in Carrboro, NC. See more of his work at
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Cask of Amontillado
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The House of Montresor

Revenge does not end in THE HOUSE OF MONTRESOR, a sequel to Edgar Allan Poe’s classic revenge tale, “The Cask of Amontillado.” Murder is only perfect when everyone knows you got away with it. Edana Fortunato is the sole surviving heir of two great families whose fates have commingled: clan Fortunato and the House of Montresor. She has spent her life shielded from the sordid happenings that still plague the Fortunato family fifty years after her grandfather’s mysterious disappearance. On the eve of her inheritance, Edana is summoned to the grand estate to meet her guardian, the enigmatic Count Montresor. She embarks on the journey, unprepared for the secrets still to be revealed, and unaware that a killer has set the stage for one final act of vengeance upon the Fortunato family. Story by Enrica Jang, Edgar Allan Poe Art by Jason Strutz Cover art Jason Strutz

Geek-o-Rama and HOUSE OF MONTRESOR Part 3

Geek-o-Rama and HOUSE OF MONTRESOR Part 3

As of this morning, all three parts of HOUSE OF MONTRESOR, our sequel to Edgar Allan Poe's Cask of Amontillado are enjoying 4-star rating on comiXology, and we hope to keep that going as new people discover the series. The best part is seeing people continue to enjoy...

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It's not paranoia when everyone really is out to get you. THE HOUSE OF MONTRESOR #3, the third installment of our new sequel to Edgar Allan Poe's "Cask of Amontillado," is out in comic shops now! Inheriting the money from her family's estate...

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