The Star Thief

THE STAR THIEF is inspired by the life and voyages of Zheng He: court eunuch, Chinese explorer and Imperial Admiral. The Chinese are rumored to have launched one of the most technologically advanced navies ever to explore the ocean. Though tales of their voyages have been lost to history, legend has it Zheng He’s great Treasure Fleet may even have reached the shores of the “New World” seventy years before Christopher Columbus. This is a first manga-style title for Red Stylo, and a first-time project with illustrator, Chris Liu, and color artist, Jan Velazquez. Story by Enrica Jang.

Release Date
December 2015

Coming Soon

HOM cover #2

Red Stylo panels/signing schedule at New York Comic Con!

Crazy to think just a year ago we hosted our very first panel at New York Comic Con and now we're back. In fact, NYCC2015 is filling up fast for us, with the return of Red Stylo's "Marry, Do, or Kill?" panel and now signings & panels with Comixology and Action Lab...

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3 Red Stylo Panels at Baltimore Book Festival

Baltimore is getting a lot of book buzz this September: Baltimore Comic Con (at the Convention Center) and Baltimore Book Festival (a FREE event at Inner Harbor) are happening the same weekend next month, September 25-27. Red Stylo will represent in artist alley at...

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PREVIEW: The Star Thief

Have a look at 9 color pages from the prologue of THE STAR THIEF, and then keep a weather eye out for updates and news as we get closer to publishing Part 1 of this new book!

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