Red Stylo Anthology FAQ

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We’re glad you’re interested in our Anthologies! We’ve tried to answer all the big questions, so scour this page for the info you need. If you still have questions, feel free to Contact Us!

Q: When is the Open Call for your next anthology?

A: Open Call for writers and artists for Red Stylo anthologies are announced in January of every year, and close by February 15th.

Q: What are Red Stylo Anthologies all about?

A: Every year, Red Stylo Media publishes a comic anthology centered around one theme. We began in 2011 with The Poe Twisted Anthology, and continued with collections like Shakespeare Shaken, Unfashioned Creatures, A Frankenstein Anthology, and Killer Queen, A Comic Anthology. The bulk of each anthology is comprised of 8-page comics, but we also include short series, pin-ups and vignettes.

Q: Who can send a query? (Yes, there is one group barred from sending a query)

A: Anyone can send a query for a Red Stylo anthology, with one exception: former reviewers of our books. If you have reviewed our books anytime in the last twelve months (or have been given review copies to do so), we cannot invite you to pitch. Otherwise, students, first-timers, unpublished artists, etc. anyone is welcome to send a query; the only requirement is you must have links to previous writing or a portfolio online.

Q: Why do you require a query before we can send a pitch?

A: There’s a little bit of paperwork we need from everyone before we will look at your pitch, which is why unsolicited pitches are deleted without reply. This is mandatory before you pitch anything, and there are no exceptions. The Open Call outlines additional guidelines, but this part remains the same:

  • WRITERS, please format your query as follows (no more, no less): Send a message through our Contact Us page with your name, brief bio and a link to a portfolio or sample of your work. First time comic writers and students welcome, but you should at least have some kind of creative work available online for us to peruse, even if it’s just social media. Tell us if you are a team or an individual.
  • ARTISTS, please format your query as follows (no more, no less): Send a message through our Contact Us page with your name, brief bio and a link to your online portfolio or website. Again, first timers and students welcome, but you MUST have a link to samples of your work online, no exceptions. Tell us if you do sequential work, or will only do posters/prints/vignettes. Please note that vignette artists will still be asked to complete between three and five pieces. Inkers and Colorists are welcome to apply as well!

Q: It's been two weeks. Why didn't you respond to my query?

A: Generally, we respond to everyone because we’re nice. Your note via our CONTACT US page might have gotten lost or gone to spam, and therefore you should feel free to send us your query again.

BUT! If your query is missing any of what we’ve asked for, or if you didn’t read the guidelines and pitched without an invitation, sorry, you won’t get a reply. Redeem yourself and send again, please.

Q: What kind of stories are you looking for?

A: The golden rule for all of Red Stylo Anthologies is that we’re looking for inspiration, not adaptation.  We don’t want panel-by-panel re-creations of existing stories or songs.  We want writers and artists to take a story, title, theme, image, etc. that stirs their creative juices and put a totally new spin on it.  Beyond that, we’re open to pretty much any genre, style, or topic.  The absolute best way to see what we’re after is to check out our past anthologies, all of which are available in print and digital format in the Red Stylo Store.

Q: What is OFF LIMITS?

A: We hate to beat a dead horse (or any horse), but NO ADAPTATIONS. Our anthologies draw inspiration from pre-existing material, but we are careful to avoid violating copyright.  We expect creators to do the same. Everything you submit should be your own, original work. The farther outside the box you can get while sticking to the anthology’s theme, the more interested we are in hearing your idea.

We also do not accept previously published material, even if the rights are yours. Spinoff stories with characters from properties you own might be permissable, but full disclosure is required, and each will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Q: What about mature content?

A:  We label our anthologies for mature audiences, so there aren’t many things that are off limits in terms of content.  Violence, language, and sexual situations are all okay, but should serve the overall story. Edits and changes are at our discretion.

Q: If published, what creator rights am I signing over to Red Stylo?

A:  If accepted, you are granting Red Stylo Media the right to publish and sell the story.  Basically, we can publish your work in print or electronic formats, individually or in collected editions, and use it for promotional purposes. Copyright is held jointly between Red Stylo and the creators.  Creators who wish to print or use the story elsewhere agree to credit Red Stylo and the anthology as the story’s first publisher.

Q: Will I be paid?

A:  Hey, we know this is the question you’ve all been waiting to ask.  The pay share schedule is outlined in the contract which contributors review before any work begins. We do not share contract terms with anyone before we accept your submission.

If we didn’t answer your questions, or you just want to tell us how awesome we are, you can visit our contact form right here.

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