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PREVIEW: The Star Thief

A new graphic novel from writer, Enrica Jang, and artists, Chris Liu & Jan Velazquez!

Ken Eppstein joins the 27 Club!

Meet Ken Eppstein, contributing editor for 27, A Comic Anthology!
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PREVIEW: The Star Thief

Have a look at 9 color pages from the prologue of THE STAR THIEF, and then keep a weather eye out for updates and news as we get closer to publishing Part 1 of this new book!

Nix Comics and Ken Eppstein, rocking out with Red Stylo!

Super excited to announce Ken Eppstein, writer, editor, publisher and grand poobah at Nix Comics, is teaming up with Red Stylo as contributing editor for 27, A Comic Anthology inspired by rock-n-roll’s infamous “27 Club”!

New vid from City of Walls writer, Shaun Noel!

Shaun has a chance to introduce the SugarCayne crowd to the fantastic series he shares with artist A.K. Lovelace. He also took a moment to chat about the Red Stylo anthologies. Check it out!

House of Montresor, Part 2, for Poe's Birthday!

Happy birthday, Edgar Allan Poe! While we know NCBD is on Wednesday, Poe’s birthday is only once a year; therefore, just to say we did it, I’m proud to announce that Part II of THE HOUSE OF MONTRESOR is out today!


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