Angel With a Bullet


Angel With a Bullet

ANGEL WITH A BULLET is a collection of one-shot comic stories, each inspired by a song from American music legend, Tom Waits. Stories by: Enrica Jang

#1 Angel with a Bullet inspired by “Romeo is Bleeding” Gut-shot and betrayed, undercover narco Agent Angelo Carlos has one last chance to make his case. 10 pages, full color Art: Robert Grove; Colors: Sara King; Letters: Erica Schultz

#2 Will I See You Tonight? inspired by “Downtown Train” Stevie is a New York street-performer with big dreams, singing for her supper in the subway. But dreams don’t always come true in the dirty underground. 12 pages, full color Art and Letters: Lora Innes; Colors: Mark Mullaney

#3 YOLO inspired by “Tango 'til They're Sore” Meet Artie: undertaker by day, “Dead Man Beauchamp”, pachuco player, by night. There’s a jazz club under new management in New Orleans, and Artie will do just about anything to get in. 16 pages, full color Art: Kelly Williams, Letters: Erica Schultz

#4 Hold On inspired by the song of the same name. It's hard to hold on when everyone leaves. For Trina, holding on means letting go. Art: Kelly Williams



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